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The current historical moment, worldwide, is characterized by a large quantity of impressions (requests and demands generated by a changing environment), all requiring our immediate responses. Though knowledge is ever more available, there seems to be a difficulty to manage this knowledge, to set priorities and make decisions. This is as true for high-school students, college and university students as it is for businessmen and employees. The root of this difficulty is not the quantity of knowledge or the intensity of impressions; the root is a lack of proper training on how to actually learn.

The 3D Speed Reading method is one of the tools that can help one get better through the first stage of knowledge management – acquire. This method is part of the complete tools set of “Upgrade your brain”.

3D Reading is a process and an attitude. It represents a holistic method for capturing and elaborating data. 3D reading encompasses the best known fast reading techniques, wrapped together in a procedure that starts from the moment we choose the reading material and ends with a paper containing the things we want to remember in the future.

How does 3D Speed reading work?

The method is so called because it uses a different perception ability of the eye and brain, activating additional areas in the brain. Science has proved that the brain’s two hemispheres operate at different speeds. Left hemisphere is relatively slow in certain processes. Normal reading (and in Speed Reading) we read letters that become words and then acquire the meaning and logic. The problem is that logical thought (typical of the left hemisphere of the brain, which sees things in their details) is slow, and therefore allows the reception of data only up to a certain speed. Our brain, however, has another way to perceive the world and that is through the right hemisphere of the brain, linking the data to a more global vision which sees the whole. The right Hemisphere is related to emotional thinking, creativity and movement.

The more we assist the two hemispheres to collaborate, and the more we enjoy and are active in the process, the more we will increase the ability to read any text at a significantly faster reading. This would mean a constant upgrade of our “operating system” and our memory has occurred. Our brain’s potential is great and we can use the deeper parts of it to gather a large amount of data quickly. Constructing a neuronal bridge for the voluntary tracing of data (a sort of a search engine in our brain) will make our reading ability up to 10 times faster than it is now.

Who I am: Shulamit Assif

Born in Israel, Has lived and worked for shulamit asif15 years in Milan, Italy, where she completed her Diploma of Advertising and Art Direction at the I.E.D and Master studies in Relational Communication. Student of the International School of self-awareness for 28 years. Group facilitator (trainer) for 21 years.

Shulamit is the owner and CEO of In-Forma Israel since 2002, which was based on her personal interest and a 28 years research regarding the development of mankind’s potential. This was preceded by several years of her own personal search driven by a need for answers about the meaning of life, the meaning of things and how it could all have more sense and direction. In-Forma Israel marked the expansion of this focus to include others and how her discoveries could also bring a benefit to the larger world. This experience was used to develop a series of courses on how to how to read quickly, or rather how to capture data, elaborate it and retrieve it, improving the reader’s perception. This naturally includes memory skills but even more, learning how to learn.

Taught at the Ben-Gurion University at Beer-Sheva, Israel  for 5 years and still collaborates, following students with learning disabilities and special enhancement projects; Taught courses for gifted children and has held courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Interdisciplinary center at Herzeliyya, High-Tech companies such as NDS and CA, at various governmental offices. Shulamit’s on-line courses clients include universities, professionals from the top levels of management, Judges and lawyers and students as young as 13 years old.

Was interviewed by the major Israeli television and radio channels and newspapers and considered Israel’s #1 expert on the matter.

My Vision:

My vision is of a world where curious people who desire to acquire knowledge, can do it easily, can understand and know, can develop their potential, grow and evolve and be free to choose,

Knowledge can defeat ignorance and therefore dissolve the fear that stops us from fully expressing all our wonderful abilities as Human Beings.

And what is a human being for me?

It is a person who can select, decide and take responsibility over his or her choices.

The ability, therefore, to perceive the great amount of knowledge around us, knowing that I can separate what is central and what is peripheral, what is useful from what isn’t, and manage it all efficiently within a short time, becomes in this period very important.

I have set it as my goal to share with anyone I can the comprehensions and the tools I’ve acquired in decades of research about us, human beings, our brain, our abilities and the way to develop them. This derives from the understanding that we are all one big neurological network, that we are interdependent, we depend one on each other and that your well being is also my well being.

In fact, I have built my training courses with accuracy, so that they could lead whoever uses them and applies them towards one’s own purpose. “Repetition is the mother of all arts” – claims an old proverb, and I truly believe we should train our will power and our determination and do whatever it takes so that a new ability can be acquired and built in us, be time-proof and become a habit and a way of being. The swift changes that occur nowadays in our world demand this of us.

I have trained already thousands of people, many of whom sent me the feedback about how the course contributed to their reading quality, to their ability to learn better, but also to their self-confidence and their ability to fulfill their aspirations. Each testimony touches me deeply, giving me the strength and the determination to keep offering the tools I have with the firm belief that we can create a better society.

This is the moment to thank the person who has been teaching and training me for 27 years, Mr. Patrizio Paoletti. Hadn’t I continued to study with him, I wouldn’t have been able to develop the best methodology to teach others.

I am always open to collaborations that will enable the development of additional tools or reaching new audiences. If my vision echoes with yours, this is an open invitation to contact me

Frontal courses and workshops and lectures

Shulamit holds both long and short courses  that are dynamic, practical, useful and fun for all types of audiences from students to professionals, youths, the aged as well as those with learning disabilities.

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She is also an experienced and vivid lecturer. The lectures are held for one hour (+/-) , aimed at both the professional sector or the educational / leisure sector on the following topics.

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