Suhlamit Assif – the lectures I hold

Shulamit Assif an expert in  transmitting tools for learning, reading and memorizing  through  ideas, methods and techniques, with over 13 years experience.

The lectures are held for one hour, aimed at the professional sector on the following topics:

  • Wonders of perception – Our brain is far more intelligent than we think. At this lectures we shall get acquainted with some of the laws our brain follows, how it perceive the reality and we will also dismiss some of the paradigms we have about how our brain works. All of this will be done through games and funny examples.
    have a look at the certificate of appreciation from the Reut Alliance Committee in Miami
  • What you see is NOT what you get – the eyes & optical illusions – The structure of our eyes makes us perceive things in a strange way, we actually correct what we see. Optical illusions can help us understand about the difference between what is real and the way we see it. Let’s have some fun discovering some facts.
  • Meditation is good for study & business – Scientific researches prove that meditating can quiet your mind and help you contact your better answers, better thinking, but also enforce your Immunity system and improve your health. Let’s understand better why it is good for us and how you do it. The lecture includes a short practical experience.
  • Communicate well and get results – our communication channelsMan is a communicative being; we can’t avoid communicating, inwards and outwards. Getting to know our communication channels and how they are characterized, we can decipher how to reach those we are communicating with, communicate better and get results.
  • Aim & win – how to set goals – when we realize the goal we’ve set for ourselves, we get charged with motivation for doing more. Yet, failure does the opposite… The lecture will teach you how to set goals the right way
  • Be the King of your kingdom – Attention and Will power. Many of the ADD problems due to the fact than in us there’s no “Boss”, no “King”. We can teach our brain to follow our commands and become our partner, help us reach our goals, help us learn. How do you get this evasive attention? The lecture will reveal it.