the free 3D Speed-Reading program

The free 3D Speed-Reading exclusive program

Hello and welcome!

Here you find a special gift that has helped many to achieve great success. this program is part of our 3D Speed Reading kit. The training is based on 3D READING technique that can help you learn to read up to x5 times faster.
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Program usage instructions:
There is no need to download the program. It is always available for your use here on this page, and you can start using it right now. All you need to do is to read the following simple instructions and enjoy using this program.
(It is recommended to add this page to your browser’s “Favorites”)

This program was created for you to simplify reading texts and to help your training for faster reading time and time again. The words will show up one by one, and will allow you a simpler and more convenient content reception and comprehension.

Usage instructions:
1. Take a deep breath. Speed reading works better when we are calm, and our eyes are relaxed.
2. Copy & Paste the text you would like to read from any PDF or Word document into the text area at the top of this window.
3. Set the speed at which the words will appear. The speed is measured by an amount of words per minute you would like to read. The average starting speed is about 150 words per minute, and the sky is the limit…
4. Click the “Start” button, and the words will start showing up on the screen using a big font in black, at the speed you defined.
Try to avoid pronouncing words, and simply let them enter your mind.
5. At the end of the text you will return to this page. You can now enter new texts, by replacing the previous one.
* We recommend using this program with Google Chrome browser.
“Repetition the mother of learning” – remember, the more you practice, it will become more natural, easier and faster.

Good luck!

Words per minute: